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Handmade Jewellery Trends

Handmade Jewellery Trends

Humans are filled with the desire to always look more exceptional when compared to their past selves so we strive to update our closets, our dressing and our looks to have in mind handmade jewellery trends. One such way we improve our dressing style is through the use of jewellery.

Jewelleries are accessories we can use to bring out a more charming and elegant quality to our looks. Varying from necklaces, bangles, earrings, beads, signet rings, brooches, cuff links and many more, jewelleries are a very important aspect of our fashion style both in this modern age and even in ancient times.

Some people are content to have just a small amount of jewellery at their disposal, others however prefer to always have an updated stock, especially of the current trending jewels. People like this spare no expense to always have the current jewellery set. Jewelleries have a range of different prices starting from as low as under a dollar to as high as over a million dollars depending on the type and quality of the jewellery in question.

Leather earringsHowever, no rule said that jewelleries must be bought at commercial stores. Jewelleries can also be handmade with the resources at the disposal of a craftsperson. Jewelleries can be made from a wide variety of materials, including wood, metal, well-polished stones and leaves for people who desire to have a touch of nature in their jewels.

Handmade jewellery range from handmade pendants to necklaces, beads, bracelets and many more depending on the creativity of the craftsperson.

One of the most popular hand-crafted jewellery is the leather necklace with a wooden pendant. This wooden pendant is very fashionable and has an ancient feel to it, it also comes in different designs based on how the wood is carved. It suits the casual style of dressing, it is best used when meeting close friends, at casual events like going to the beach, at parties and many more such events.

There is also jewellery made from leaves. Such jewelleries vary from earrings to bracelets and necklaces. Most commonly, maple leaves can be attached to a leather cord also to form a leaf pendant for nature lovers. A single palm leaf can also be attached to a bracelet of beads to give it a more sophisticated yet natural look. This type of jewellery is best used when meeting with close friends, family members or acquaintances.

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Sea shells can be used to make earrings. Beads and pearls can be added to help increase the beauty of the earring, pearls add an underwater beauty to sea shell earrings. The hook on the earrings can be attached to the ear and used with a variety of clothes including gowns and blouses. A sea shell earring can be used in semi-formal and formal events such as weddings and corporate meetings.

A very simple and easy handmade jewellery is a bracelet made of beads and or pearls. This type of jewellery is good for casual purposes and also cultural purposes such as a gathering of friends or a birthday party of an acquaintance hosted at a park. For the cultural purpose, a bracelet made of beads can be used during a festive period, at a traditional wedding, or when wearing cultural apparel.