How many types of earrings are there?

There are a wide variety of earrings for people to find the one they like for the right occasion. There are studs, hoops, dangle/ drop earrings, climbers, and many other variations. These earrings are made from different materials. They range from precious stones to metals and plastics and more inexpensive materials. Earrings should be carefully chosen to fit the outfit. The right choice also adds to the beauty of the wearer.

Stud Earrings

They are also known as studs. This is the simplest type of earring. They are small and appear to float on the earlobe but go through the piercing and are secured at the back. Despite their size, stud earrings can be used to enhance the face and complement an outfit. Studs can be plain metal or may feature a single gemstone.

Hoop Earrings

As the name suggests, hoops are round in design and look identical to a ring. They go from the front to the back. Hoops come in various sizes and designs. Some can be so big that they end up touching the shoulders, while there are sizes so small that they only wrap around your earlobe. Hoops can be plain or smooth and can be heavily designed with gems and/or diamonds. No matter the size of your hoops, they pop out and give you an elegant look.

Dangle and Drop earrings.

Though very similar to each other, these two earrings have a major difference. The two earrings look and are worn the same way, but drop earrings are stationary and hang below the earlobe, while dangle earrings swing back and forth.

Huggee earrings

These are mini hoops that hug the earlobe. They are good for those that want the look a hoop gives without the risk of a snag.

Threader Earrings

These earrings are a modern alternative to hoops. They are a thin piece of metal that goes through the piercing and hangs on both sides of the earlobe.

Ear Climbers

These are also a modern and trendier type. Unlike traditional earrings that dangle and swing from the ears, these earrings start at the base and climb up.

Shepherd Hook Earrings

These dangle earrings have a hook that goes through the earlobe and does not need a backing to secure it.

Things to know about handmade earrings.

Handmade earrings are simply earrings crafted and assembled by the hands of an artisan without the use of machines. Every step and process of bringing this piece to life is done by hand. Before the advent of machines, each piece of jewellery worn was made by hand, and they were very durable.

These are some of the things you should know about handmade earrings.

  • Handmade earrings require a lot of focus, devotion, and accuracy. Since the step-by-step process is monitored manually, attention is paid to details to ensure that when a piece is completed, it is a masterpiece.
  • When you buy a piece of handmade earrings, you are paying for the artisan's commitment and creativity. Each piece has its unique story and is certainly one of a kind. It reflects the maker's skill and efficiency.
  • It is certain that there would be no errors in the production. The production process demands full concentration. Unlike machines that sometimes miss a particular spot during designs, handmade earrings are thoughtfully made, and attention is made to the smallest detail. The artisan makes sure to inspect the earrings thoroughly to make sure it comes out perfectly.
  • Each material used to make the earrings is handpicked to make sure only the finest quality is used. This is one of the reasons handmade earrings last so long.
  • Handmade earrings show a level of creativity. They can represent lost designs or can be the original design by the artisan. Either way, handmade pieces show imagination and thoughtfulness.
  • They are sentimental. The buyer has a sort of connection with the maker. Handmade earrings are a great choice when you are looking for a meaningful gift or heirloom.
  • They never go out of style. You will always get trendy, unique, and intricate designs.
  • Purchasing handmade earrings are like buying a piece of art. Since they are often unique, you might be the only one in the world with that particular piece.
  • Handmade earrings are eco-friendly. They are usually made with the most green and natural products. Since they are made without the use of machines, that means no toxic chemicals were used, and no fumes were dispensed into the atmosphere.

Handmade Copper Earrings

Dating over 10000 years, copper is the oldest metal known to man. It was discovered among the items the Egyptians and Sumerians produced for daily living. It is a multipurpose metal that could be used for medicine, weapons, coins, handicrafts, machinery, and technology. Copper was first used for jewellery in 8000 BC.

Copper is a fantastic choice to make earrings with. They are antimicrobial and antifungal, so they are not damaging to the skin in any way. They are also known for their longevity and distinctive reddish-brown colour. They could also be added to gemstones with colours like blue, green, or red. It also pairs perfectly with leather or precious metal like silver and gold, giving it a vintage touch. The beauty of copper is in its colour. However, years after being subjected to wear and tear, and lack of proper maintenance, it changes from a shiny reddish brown to a deeper golden brown, and later, it turns green (known as patina).

No matter the design, copper earrings are bound to elevate your appearance. You can wear simple studs or dangle earrings and still look stunning. Copper is designed to pair with several gemstones, which brings out an enamouring look. Copper is very malleable, so it can be adjusted and shaped to any design you prefer. This makes handmade copper earrings a better option because they can be manipulated in different ways and result in spectacular designs. Copper does not rust. Instead, it would develop a green patina (like the statue of liberty).

Since copper turns green, can it turn your skin green? Yes. Though copper itself does not turn green until after years, copper earrings can turn your earlobe green, not because it is of inferior quality, but because of a chemical process. Copper reacts when there is sweat, lotion, and other liquids or products on your skin. You do not need to worry, as you can wash off the green colour easily with soap and water. The green patch on your skin is actually a good sign. It means the copper has penetrated your body. Since we all need copper in our body, it means that wearing copper would increase the copper present in the body.

Why you should have handmade copper earrings.

  • They are highly durable and can stand the test of time. No matter how often you wear them, your copper earrings will not rust but will only develop a green patina.
  • You can shower with them and use warm water to keep them clean.
  • Wearing copper allows small portions of copper into the body. This would prevent copper deficiency. The known symptoms of copper deficiency are fatigue, paleness of the skin, weakness, sensitivity to cold, etc.
  • They have unique features and are eye-catching. They will surely make you stand out.
  • They have a vintage feel and can be worn anywhere.
  • They are simple and elegant.
  • Copper is easy to manipulate and can be crafted into different unique designs.
  • There have been claims that copper can provide relief from arthritis and circulation issues.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • It contains healing properties.

Maintenance and polishing

A method you can use to bring back the luster in your copper earrings is to combine salt vinegar and flour or salt and lemon. This mixture creates a natural abrasive sponge. You can use a microfiber cloth to buff it till it shines. After this, rinse it thoroughly. Another thing you can do is to make a solution of water, a tablespoon of baking soda, and a bit of lemon juice in a bowl. Soak your earrings in this solution for a few hours or overnight for better results. Rinse it thoroughly with water when you remove it. Buff the earrings to remove any remaining stains or tarnish. The final technique that can be used to preserve your copper earrings is to apply a lacquer overlay yearly to protect the copper sheen and give it an ever-shining appearance.

Handmade Leather Earrings

When people talk about earrings or jewellery in general, the first thought is diamonds, silver, or other precious metals or stones. People rarely consider leather as a material that can be worn as jewellery. Leather can be carved, stamped, painted, and manipulated to make a number of distinctive looks. Leather jewellery becomes even more special when it is handmade. Handmade jewellery remains unique. The versatility of leather brought it into the limelight, and it is now a very popular item used in jewellery making.

Artisans can get very creative with leather earrings, which can be styled in so many ways. Handmade leather earrings can be adorned with beads or metal. They can also be painted to look like gold, silver, or even a unique kind of metal. Unique designs can be stamped or painted on them. Most leather earrings you will find are marquise shaped. They are pointed at both ends with curved sides. It is known as a navette cut, and it refers to gemstones with a boat-shaped outline. Leather earrings are cut like this to show how they can be as elegant as gemstones. You can also find them in pear (also known as the drop) shapes and briolette. However, leather is very versatile, so you can find leather earrings in other forms.

A leather earring is bold and naturally attracts attention. For people who are very active and move around a lot, leather earrings are a perfect fit for them. This is because leather earrings are lightweight and comfortable, so they would not get in the way of their activities.

Why you should have handmade leather earrings.

  • They are lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • They are versatile and can be made to represent any design.
  • They are trendy and go with any item.
  • Leather comes in different styles (faux, vegan, suede, etc.), and you can easily wear any of them as earrings.
  • Since leather is worn as clothing, you can match your leather earrings with your outfit.
  • They can be worn as any style of earrings and for corporate or casual outings.


The most important is to take adequate precautions to protect your leather earrings from any liquid and excessive sunlight, as this is a major factor that causes tarnish. In case of times where you cannot avoid getting your leather earrings wet, apply a moisture barrier on them from time to time. Excess usage is not advisable.

It is best to store your leather accessories in a cool and dry place. Unlike other jewellery, leather jewellery cannot be stored in a plastic bag. This would cause it to develop mildew. If it already has mildew, do not rinse it off with water. Make a solution of water and rubbing alcohol. Dip a clean cloth in the solution and use it to wipe the affected area. Let it dry away from sunlight. Another approach is to wash the leather earrings with germicide soap and dry it away from sunlight.

Handmade Eco Earrings.

Imagine looking gorgeous while saving the planet. That is what handmade eco earrings feel like. They are earrings made from eco-friendly materials that make a statement on their own. For those making a conscious effort to save the earth, this is the best ornament for you. Eco earrings are recycled from old materials like threads, plastic, wood, beads, metal, etc. The list is endless. You can look simple and casual with eco earrings, while some designs are more complicated and detailed. Wearing a piece of jewellery made from underrated materials can be fulfilling and give a sense of achievement. This would give you a confidence boost and keep you refreshed throughout the day.

When it comes to eco earrings, options are not a problem. Since they can be made from a wide range of materials, there are always many options to choose from. You will always find an eco earring that suits your personality and style preferences.

Why you should have handmade eco earrings.

  • The materials used to make eco earrings are responsibly sourced. There are no questions of the origin since they are gotten in the most ethical and reasonable way.
  • The point of eco jewellery is to minimize waste and save the planet. Many eco-artisans make good use of materials that would have ended up as waste. This keeps the landfill free of waste and, in turn, prevents products that destroy the earth’s biodiversity.
  • Eco earrings are very diverse. Each piece is handcrafted with unique material and design, so there is a wide range of options to choose from.

Things to note while buying eco earrings.

  • What materials have been used?

One of the first things is to know the materials used to make that piece. This would help you to understand and value the earrings more.

  • Look at the lifespan.

It is better to choose earrings with a longer lifespan. It reduces your carbon footprint and truly helps to preserve the planet. Jewellery that has a short lifespan kind of defeats the whole concept of being 'eco-friendly' since it would end up as waste very soon.

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