Necklace and earrings sunset copper set


Sunset necklace & earrings copper set

It is very unique necklace made with copper and green patina.

Back order are realized from 3 to 5 or even more days, depending on the work that must be done to create the product. The product will be similar to the one in the picture, although it will not be identical because it is made from scratch by hand. Each product is unique.

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Necklace and earrings sunset copper set.

A bright copper necklace with a repurposed piece of copper hardware for the centre pendant. The necklace is made of a unique necklace made with copper and green patina, and the style has a copper-plated brass trigger clasp.

Sunset Necklace and Earrings Copper Set is a handmade jewellery set made of high-quality copper. The necklace has a pendant shaped like a sunset, with red, orange, and yellow hues representing the colours of the sky during sunset.

The earrings are a matching pair to the necklace and are also in the shape of a sunset. This set is perfect for anyone who loves nature, evenings, or simply adding a pop of colour to their outfits.

Copper is a durable metal that doesn’t easily tarnish, making this set a long-lasting addition to anyone’s jewellery collection. This set is ideal for casual and glamorous outfits and fits any occasion as needed.

The Sunset Necklace and Earrings Copper Set is packaged beautifully and makes an excellent gift for birthdays, holidays, or to treat yourself.


Why Purchase the Sunset Neckless and Earrings Copper Set.

The earrings themselves are bright and eye-catching. The neckless earrings are beautiful and durable and work amazingly if you have sensitive ears and necks in person. Simple yet classy, you can dress up or down in these. You will love this necklace’s unique make and feel. The delivery is very fast and is packaged in a pretty aesthetic box.

Even if you have allergy issues with similar earrings, you can be assured that these will be perfect. You will not notice them; they’re pretty and dainty, and you will have no allergy issues.

The sunset copper set is reasonably priced; you will acquire the complete package. While new, they look pretty expensive and are comfortable to wear daily, and they are quite sturdy too, and the copper is safe for the skin.

Delivery Information

I send all jewellery by Registered Post only. Delivery in most cases is the next day when sent previous day before 3 pm.