The work with amber

The work with amber

The amber hides great secrets. I love working with amber and create jewelry with its participation. This stone always surprises and inspires me. It’s unique. It is such as nature wanted it to be. Shapes, colors, textures, tints and inclusions are just the amber in all the beauty of its creation.

I must admit that I am fascinated by this unusual stone with a warm color, translucent structure and a pleasant aroma of incense that it produces during burning or its processing. Amber is both very noble and subtle. It all depends on how and with what it will be combined. Whether we locate it in silver, gold or maybe copper. I personally like it both in the form of earrings, fancy pendants or an elegant necklace with ceramic iridescent beads.

It also looks great in the company of lava or red coral. In a word, nature and nature again. I think it is very versatile and looks great both polished and raw. The more I get to know the history of amber, the more I am captivated by this extraordinary mineral