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Why support artisan jewellery in Ireland?

Artisan jewellery vs mass production

Artisan jewellery is defined as jewellery handmade by a skilled craftsperson.

In our world of mass production, the demand for unique artisan jewellery continues to grow. Here at Ertisun I am inspired by the wonderful nature of Ireland.

Rather than operating an assembly line of production, each piece is individually hand designed.

No plastic elements only natural

Ertisun is a female led business founded by Edyta Rosinska. Incorporating natural elements into all my jewellery pieces.

I use copper and brass along with silver, linens, corals, lava, wood and various natural stones such as Baltic Amber in my jewellery products.

Sourcing only high quality materials ensures my jewellery is made without compromise. I am committed to sustainability, all my products are plastic free and I recycle and reuse leather in my work.

Reducing waste, eliminating plastic and creating unique handcrafted pieces has been a big part of my mission since the beginning.


Artisan jewellers not only source the highest quality materials, you can also be assured the jewellery you purchase will last for years. Unlike mass commercial jewellery , quality truly tumps quantity for artisan jewellers. I work with smaller orders, ensuring they are able to provide quality work.

Copper set placed on the wood with copper earrings all with green patina


No two pieces of my work are identical due to the handmade process.

This uniqueness is what makes artisan jewellery so popular.

Mass produced products are made to be worn a few times and then disposed of like fast fashion.

Jewellery designed and handmade by an artisan seeks to make jewellery that is of the highest quality and lasts for years.


Timeless and Fashionable

Mass produced objects is not only not made to be durable but it also dates and no longer looks fashionable, a handcrafted artisanal piece is timeless and will always be fashionable.

Not only will it remain fashionable, handmade jewellery has a great back story, when you receive compliments for the piece you are wearing, you will be able to tell those around you the story of piece.

So often we wear items and deep down we can’t even remember where or when we bought it. This is not something that happens when you purchase a handcrafted piece.

Support local

Purchasing locally made jewellery supports your local economy, reduces your carbon footprint, supports someone’s livelihood.

This personal level of eSupport local sign poster on the shopconomic growth is far more sustainable for our planet and helps keep artisanal businesses open and ensures we can pass on vital craft skills to the next generation.

It can be tempting to purchase mass produced jewellery if you want to save money, but jewellery is a form of art. Would you prefer to purchase a poster of a beautiful painting or purchase the original painting itself?

Thank you Tim Mossholder from Unsplash for the picture.