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Copper and Brass Earring Collection made by Ertisun Ireland only handamde jewellery

Copper and Brass Earring Collection

Ertisun Copper and Brass Earring Collection

When it comes to rounding off your favourite look  – earrings are often the missing piece of the puzzle. Earring styles can range from subtle to statement but here at Ertisun – I strive to strike the balance between these variations to bring you unique handcrafted earrings to suit your individual style through our Copper and Brass Earring Collection. We’re here to bridge the gap – so you don’t have to!

In recent years, handcrafted earrings have taken the jewellery scene by storm, jewellery lovers have become increasingly disenchanted with mass-produced designs that don’t speak to an individual’s unique style.

My new range incorporates delicacy and elegance to bring you a timeless choice suitable for any occasion.

The Earring’s Fascinating History

We all know earrings combine beauty and elegance to freshen up any look – but did you know they have a fascinating and lengthy history?

Earrings are a symbol of womanhood that traces their origin back to ancient times. Still to this day – earrings symbolise one’s personal style and allow the wearer to express their own individuality.

Earrings have been known to symbolise stability, social status and new beginnings. With a strong historical connection, earrings have been a symbol of culture and status since the dawn of time. Their ancient origins can even be traced back to the Bronze age that spanned from approximately 3300 BC to 1200 BC.

Wavering between a symbol of wealth worn by the upper classes and a symbol of depravity worn by the lower classes such as pirates – one thing has remained steadfast – earrings have always been a popular choice throughout the ages. Today’s trends indicate contemporary times are certainly no different.

At one point in history, the earring was once considered a valuable good luck charm for all who wore them. Women belonging to the tribes of central Africa adorn themselves in remarkable statement earrings as a symbol of femininity and often earrings are used as a means of tribal identification. The Ancient Egyptians were also no strangers to the ritual of donning themselves in ornate earrings for decorative purposes. Even the mummified Tutankhamun whose tomb was opened in 1923 was found with ear piercings.

Once a staple fixture worn chiefly by males – earrings slowly evolved into a principally female accessory. Men still wear earrings of course and often sport the single ear piercing significant the versatility of this wonderful piece of jewellery.

Earrings are still one of the most common jewellery types across the globe and this is certainly down to their durability, beauty and symbolism.

The Fashion Statement

When it comes to making a fashion statement – earrings are a firm favourite. From studs and pearls to hammered earrings or copper earrings  – there really is every opportunity to create a fashion-forward look.

Earrings serve to accentuate your outfit choices to denote your own personal style. Ertisun’s new collection aims to achieve a balance between loud earring styles that tend to dominate a look – and subtle earrings that may not make enough of a statement.

We incorporate a simpler style that can be both stylish and interesting.

To me, earrings serve to enhance your beauty without overpowering the wearer’s features – the right earrings offer a finishing touch not provided by other accessories. We strive to evoke a sense of confidence and individuality into the wearer and avoid falling into the trap of following temporary fashion fads that may not be for everyone. We strive to bring together traditional and contemporary trends to create a timeless look. Investing in a timeless piece will ensure you are always ahead of the next jewellery trend – which lets face it – is always just around the corner.

Whether you are a minimalist or a statement maker – the Ertisun collection can augment even the most subtle outfit choices. I take an artistic approach to all my designs and craft pieces that can seamlessly integrate into any look – day or night – casual or occasion.

It is not about trying to design a whole new look around a single piece of jewellery – but expertly choosing the right accessories to round off your look. Whether you are looking to freshen up what’s already in your wardrobe or create a new look for an upcoming occasion such as a wedding – earrings are an essential addition.

The Trend of Copper and Brass Earring Collection

Any item of jewellery is only ever as good as the raw materials it has – that is why here at Ertisun I am passionate about selecting the highest quality brass and copper to create my designs.

Copper jewellery is really where history and modernity meet. In recent years, copper jewellery has gained huge ground in the fashion scene – and it shows no signs of stopping.

The hues from copper jewellery offer an elegant glow that manifests in the wearing and flatters every skin tone. The unique colours are eye-catching and the material offers a luxurious feel not found in other materials.

As a mineral of the earth, copper has significant ethereal importance. It has known to have healing and calming effects on the wearer. As the oldest mined material it boosts a captivating history. It also offers an artisanal take on the beauty of the natural world.

There has never been a better time to introduce a copper item into your jewellery collection. Embrace this wonderful trend today by shopping our new earring collection below.

“Calliope” – Copper Disc Earrings

Made from carefully chosen materials – my Calliope Copper Disc Earrings sure to attract attention. This round-drop design is handcrafted with nature in mind – mixing textures and colour to create the perfect copper disc. Complete with a polished finish this item is durable and lightweight. So, they will not weigh down your ear no matter how long you wear them.

“Belle” – Brass Disc Earrings

Calling all gold jewellery enthusiasts – we have expertly created the perfect alternative to splashing out on expensive gold. Our designers craft the beautiful ‘Belle’ disc earrings from high-quality brass. With an elegant appeal, these Round Drop Earrings help to create a classic look. They are a must have in any jewellery collection. Perfect for day or night the gold-tone offers a wonderful polished finish and hook closure. The gold finish beautifully emphasises the facial features and these look  beautiful with a tied back hairstyle for extra prominence. You can’t go wrong with these textured golden discs suitable for any occasion

“Alice” Patina Disc Earrings

Crafted from durable state-of-the-art copper material, my Patina Earrings are sure to turn a few heads. The green hue offers a pop of colour perfect for the summer months. The green exposure does not overpower the disc’s façade that still remains true to its original copper palette. This luxurious material truly makes these earrings a product of nature. Create a truly original and cutting-edge look with our ‘Alice’ Patina disc earrings.

One thing is for sure, you will never have to worry about keeping up with emerging trends again. Ertisun offers a timeless choice season after season.

Invest in a wonderful pair of nature-inspired earrings today – and If you need help choosing the perfect pair for you or a loved one – please do not hesitate to get contact us at