Amber Dream Two-Sided Pendant Necklaces


This original two-sided pendant attracts attention with its simplicity and uniqueness.

  • Baltic Amber 
  • Silver-plated Copper
  • Leather

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Amber Dream Two-Sided Pendant Necklaces

Sometimes I think that something might look equally good from both sides. I’ve even worn a sweater inside out (and right side in). Simply by cutting off the label, I could sport two different styles in my favourite colour. Now, why am I telling you this? Because this simple practice inspired me to create a series of pendants with two faces. You can decide which one suits you best on a given day.

The pendant presented here hides, like a treasure, a lump of a beautiful, unique, light honey-coloured raw Baltic Amber stone . This original, two-sided pendant will attract attention with its simplicity and uniqueness. It is made from scratch using silver-plated copper wire and lead-free tin solder. The whole piece is lightly patinated and polished. Hung on leather cord with a stainless steel clasp.

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8 x 9 cm


36 g

Tin Wire Mesh

64 cm


Alpaca silver, copper