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Why I Create Jewellery

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Why I Create Jewellery: Unveiling My Passion for Unique Creations

Posted by Edyta Rosinska

I have often asked myself why I embarked on the journey of creating jewellery. It was never about the money, as building a super business was never my goal. Since I can remember, I have always found tremendous satisfaction in crafting something with my own hands.

Observing my father as he painted his masterpieces hinted that I too could have something of my own in life. A piece of my own world. And so it was, as a child, I adored sewing new clothes for my dolls and teddy bears, dressing them up and creating a world of joy. I had my own little sewing machine with a real needle, and I could spend hours in front of it, creating new collections for my dolls. It didn’t matter if others liked them or if anyone praised my new collection. What mattered to me was that I was the one creating them, and they were my ideas – and that was enough. For a child like me, the act of creating something independently was a reward in itself.

Then came the time for altering clothes, not only mine but also those of my friends. It was an adventure that brought me great satisfaction. Eventually, jewellery-making projects naturally emerged, and I discovered a new side of myself through creating children’s jewellery. I began making pieces for myself and then for my friends. I gave my jewellery as gifts and saw that my designs were well-received.

And so, I continued to develop new ideas for jewellery, learning new crafting techniques. I would probably continue doing it as a hobby until the end of my days. However, there came a time when I decided to start selling my jewellery. I had always wanted, and still do, to have my own gallery of handicrafts. I now see how much work is involved in presenting each of my projects. It would be a dream come true for me to sit in my workshop and focus on creating new designs.

But life shows that it’s not that simple. I still need to take photos, come up with product descriptions, and optimize them for SEO so that people can discover my jewellery. Sometimes, the multitude of small tasks surrounding each product can be discouraging. Nevertheless, I am still here, creating because it truly fills my heart with joy to craft something exceptional. I create jewellery that I myself cannot replicate, making each piece unique. I am certain that each of my clients will possess something exclusively crafted for them.

Why do I create? Every now and then, life presents greater demands, and I have to ask myself that question. I create because it is my job. Through my jewellery designs, I aim to enrich the lives of my clients. I create because it feels good to engage in the process of constantly creating something new. I create because I have hands, and I want to use them to bring beauty into this world. I create because it is like leaving a part of myself with the people who have trusted me and purchased jewellery from me. Creating transforms me, my heart. It opens me up to new ideas and brings happiness when I hear and see my satisfied clients.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I encourage you to find your own path in creating something unique for the world.