Colourful Patina Copper Earrings


Colourful Patina Copper Earrings

Delicate copper  Earrings with Colourful Patina.

Earrings entirely handmade of pure copper.

Patinated and polished.

The earrings are very light and comfortable. They suit many styles from elegant to casual.

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Colourful Patina Copper Earrings

Earrings Pure copper Discs are a type of jewellery designed for women. The earrings feature a simple and classic design, with round discs that are either plain or decorated with intricate details, such as etchings, textured surfaces, or wirework. The earrings are available in various sizes, making them versatile for different occasions and outfits.

At Ertisun Jewellery, the brass earrings are hand formed, cut out of pure brass, hung on the very comfortable sterling silver ear, and decorated with blue agate. The earrings are very light and comfortable. They suit many styles, from elegant to casual.

The simple and classic design of Brass discs earrings makes them a popular choice for those who love timeless and elegant jewellery. The round shape of the discs adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, while the warm and earthy colour of brass makes them an excellent option for those who love natural materials and earth tones.



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