Silver Pearls Earrings


Silver Pearl Earrings

  • Silver sterling
  • Pearl ( purple, pink, white and green)


Timeless silver earrings. Made of sterling silver and freshwater pearls. This pearls Earrings are on comfortable ear wire.

Very delicate and light silver earrings are perfect for many outfits.

Available in four colours: purple, pink, white and green.

Please let me know which colour you want when you place your order

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Silver Pearl Earrings

Silver Pearl Earrings are classic and timeless jewellery made from high-quality silver material. The earrings feature a freshwater pearl in a round shape with a delicate and glossy finish.

Pearl is a traditional and elegant gemstone, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Silver is a durable and eloquent metal that does not tarnish quickly, making these earrings an excellent investment for your jewellery collection.

These earrings are versatile and suitable for any occasion, from casual to formal events. The classic design of the Silver Pearl Earrings makes them a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or as a special treat for yourself.

At Ertisun, you will find timeless silver earrings. Made of sterling silver and freshwater pearls. Pearls can be silver or pearl colour. On delivery, you will get gift wrapping.

They come packaged in a beautiful gift wrap, ready to be gifted or stored for safekeeping.

Why Purchase the Silver Pearl Earrings?

You can scrub the earrings with regular soap in the shower, and they will not tarnish, and the backs will remain as shiny as the day you got them. There are also additional methods of cleaning.

These earrings are very comfortable; you can wear them all day without the feeling of taking them off.  Another major plus is that you can wear them for days and not experience any redness to your lobes.

Even if you have extremely sensitive ear lobes, you can only usually wear studs for a day until you have to take them off and switch to a wire earring. You’ll experience no allergic reaction to these studs at all.

The little pearl earrings are a lot better quality. These earrings might become your favourite because they complement almost all your outfits, even if it is your gym gear.

Also, they will look super stylish and classy with a black dress at a dinner party or casual jeans, a t-shirt, and hair tied back in a ponytail! Pearl earrings are versatile in style and never go out of fashion.

The earrings are packaged professionally and aesthetically in a little gift wrap, which is a very nice touch if you are used to jewellery being delivered this way. The box/bag is handy for keeping the earrings in one place when you aren’t wearing them.


Delivery Information

I send all jewellery by Registered Post only. Delivery in most cases is the next day when sent previous day before 3 pm.

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