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The Art of Gift Giving

The Art of Gift Giving

Gift giving is a simple yet sacred act – it symbolises the bond between family and friends and represents the appreciation that exists for these special relationships. As every relationship is special and unique – so too should be the gift.

That is why Ertisun is passionate about creating distinct and delicate pieces ideal for gift giving.

Gift giving is an art. It is a practice that spans back decades – and yet sometimes in the modern world we can fail to extract a special meaning from this solemn act. Extracting meaning from a gift is made simpler by considering the unique traits of the individual and trying to reflect this back to them. Gift giving – when done with care – can serve to strengthen the bond within a relationship by showing the person how well you know them and appreciate them and all they do.


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Sometimes finding inspiration can be difficult.

We can feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of gift giving occasions that exist in the present day – birthdays, Christmas, weddings, father’s day, mother’s day and so on. But a handcrafted piece of jewellery is always a wise choice. It can capture the bond between partners, parents and children, friends and siblings. The act of carefully selecting a special piece for your loved one and seeing the joy on their faces can be as pleasing to the gift giver as it can to the recipient. There is scientific evidence to suggest that the act of gift giving is actually proven to make us happier. We are designed to be generous – we are designed to give gifts. Our deepest instincts make us driven by community and connection and what better way to solidify this connection than the exchanging of presents.

Jewellery is a timeless gift

It can be passed from generation to generation and amass great significance throughout the years. It is fitting for almost every occasion and is long-lasting when you invest in the right piece.

Jewellery can be easily personalised for your loved one – inscriptions are a very meaningful way to show the recipient just how much you appreciate them. As every Ertisun piece is handcrafted with love – no two pieces are the same – this is why our pieces are the most wonderful gift ideas. Our pieces are sure to offer sentimental value with pieces that can be cherished for years to come.

Often jewellery is not something many people are keen to purchase for themselves – but it makes the most wonderful of gifts… why is this? Some people may view see jewellery as a luxury and therefore may not always be searching the market for a special piece. This is all the more reason to treat a loved one to a unique piece for an upcoming occasion.

Jewellery can be a precious gift no matter the recipient

Young and old, man or woman, sister or mother.

Our website breaks down gift ideas into different packages such as gifts under 100€, gifts under 50€ and gifts under 30€ – this is to ensure your loved one receives a wonderful piece no matter your budget.

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