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Why handmade jewellery is the best birthday gift

Why handmade jewellery is the best birthday gift

Jewellery as the best birthday gift.

There are various forms of birthday gifts you can present to people

but one of the most popular forms of gifts are accessories and pieces of jewellery, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and every other form of accessories. Here is the best part however, the best kind of accessory to get a person is usually one that is handmade. Handmade items are usually a masterpiece made by artists and every masterpiece is intricately designed with mostly simple tools and inspiration from the artist. Here are 3 reasons why handmade jewellery is the best birthday gift decision you can ever make when getting birthday presents.

Reason No 1:

Handmade Jewellery Is Unique for a Birthday Gift:

  • Every homemade design is always unique.
  • Mass-produced necklaces, earrings, etc are usually made all at the same time with the same form and type of tool.
  • Handmade pieces, on the other hand, are like a blank canvas, no two paintings can look alike from two different canvases, no matter the strokes and colours. This is the same with handmade jewellery, two can never be the same, can look alike but there will be little differences that can be easily spotted.
  • The uniqueness of handmade design shows a sign of thoughtfulness to show that you care.
  • Each piece has the emotion and story of the artist in it and it has character. When the artist sees it, he has a story behind the construction.

Reason 2:

Customized Handmade Jewellery For Birthday :

  • Due to its uniqueness, it can be customized from the start. This means that you do not need to get mass-produced products and look for a way to get customized jewellery.
  • You can get the material and give it to the designer. People that make these pieces are artists and it is amazing that they see stones and precious metals and can see the finished works before they even start. Instead of inscribing a name on an already made jewellery, you can carve out the name from the onset. This ensures that it would not fade off because the accessory itself is the inscription.

Reason No 3:

Materials Have Usually Earth Origin And Original:

  • To save money and sell cheaper accessories, mass-produced cheap jewellery use factory-based materials that mostly high-tech labs create them artificially. These are materials that tarnish faster.
  • For handmade jewellery, on the other hand, every raw material is natural, has earth origin and expert staff design them. Sometimes, we assemble the materials from previous forms of tarnished or broken accessories.
  • We use mostly handmade unique pieces including arts of famous artists or even normal artists around and even handmade trinkets which are famous mostly in Africa.
  • These kinds of jewels are always acceptable in the environment and are perfect for environmentalists.

The use of handmade jewellery can work for the rich, the reasonable and the environmentalists. They show that you are thoughtful enough to get something unique, loving enough to customize and inscribe something they love, and care enough not to damage the ecosystem.

I hope this short article answer the question: Why handmade jewellery is the best birthday gift.

Photo by Erica Marsland Huynh on Unsplash